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Palau Pacific Resort The Palau Pacific Resort has set the standard for high-end tourism in Palau since it opened in 1985 and is a major sponsor of local marine conservation, education and awareness in Palau.
Palau Pacific Resort

Neco Marine Palau

Book luxury diving in Palau with Palau's first PADI facility, Neco Marine, operating safely since 1985. And join us at the Drop-Off, Palau's most popular bar & grill with free WI-FI and pool.

To prepare visitors better for Palau manta encounters, the Neco Marine 5-Star PADI facility is now offering the new PADI Specialty Course: Manta Identification Diver Palau.

Visitors taking this course will not only learn about mantas and how to identify individual animals, but also about how to position themselves under water and be more aware of the animals and their behavior so as not to disturb or chase them away during an encounter.

Neco Marine Facilities and Boat

Palau Pacific Resort

Pat & Lori Colin, from Coral Reef Research Foundation, and their staff are always ready to assist visiting scientists, NGOs and local government agencies in Palau with advice and innovative new techniques for marine research and fieldwork. Pat developed large battery packs for our GoPro time-lapse cameras, so we can leave them for up to 5 days at different locations to monitor when mantas show up there. CRRF also kindly allow us to borrow their plankton nets and equipment to study what mantas eat.

GoPro time-lapse Cameras & Pat Colin

France - Manila Embassy

Keep informed on worldwide Manta conservation with Manta Trust.

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